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About Transgender Hair

Transgender and transsexual individuals who are Male to Female often can experience male pattern baldness. While hormone therapy usually stops the progression of hair loss, it typically does not regrow hair that has already been lost as a result of the effects of genetics and the presence of testosterone. Because of this, hair transplantation can provide an excellent solution for hair loss in MTF individuals- one area in which Dr. Epstein has specialized for years. In addition. FTM patients desiring hair in certain typically male areas i.e beard, chest can also achieve this with hair transplantation- another area in which Dr. Epstein has likely more experience than any other doctor.

The goal of hair transplantation for the MTF patient is to achieve a natural, more feminine look. This usually entails filling in any areas of male-pattern baldness while creating a female hairline at the same time. Female hairlines are typically shallower and more gently curved in the fronto-temporal recession, and density is ideally maximized.

Dr. Epstein was recently named one of the Best Surgeons in America and is listed in Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor Guide, an impartial resource that catalogs quality doctors in a variety of medical fields. Dr. Epstein was listed in this prestigious publication only after peer nomination and an extensive research and screening process. To learn more about the America’s Top Doctors® program, please visit


The hair transplant procedure, utilizing the follicular unit microscopic procedure, is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to travel in from throughout the US and world, and the postoperative course is usually limited to some minor pain and swelling. For this procedure, a strip of hair-bearing skin is removed from a donor area on the scalp, typically from the back of the head. Grafts are then harvested from this strip, using microscopes, and placed into incisions along the bald areas of the scalp. These follicular unit micrografts which contain one to three and occasionally four hairs, which allows for a truly natural appearance. Occasional patients desire a second procedure a year or so later to achieve more density. For FTM patients, the similar technique is utilized, and most patients are, after for example a beard transplant, fully presentable without any obvious signs of having had a procedure at 6 days.

One concern facing transgender patients are the other elements of achieving the desired sexual appearance. Aside from addressing the hair issues, Dr. Epstein is an expert, with extensive experience (and the former President of the Florida Society of Facial Plastic Surgery) and recognition as a facial plastic surgeon, able to address concerns such as nose and chin and browbone prominence, as well as the aging facial features that can occur in anyone. There are advantages of combining these procedures, which means one recovery period, lower cost, as well as taking the advantage of having an expert surgeon performing several procedures.

Before and ten months after 2,750 grafts. Note that patient is also just six weeks after surgical hairline advancement and simultaneous brow-bone filing and sculpting, thus the visible hairline healing incision with surrounding temporary hair loss. See the immediate post-operative results and testimonial on video.


Before After Before After


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